Medical Care

Medical Care

Our Doctors Diagnose and Treat Complex Medical Conditions

Our doctors are eager to address any health concerns you have for your pet. Often, the best time to seek help is right when the problem arises. While certain behaviors or symptoms may not warrant concern, they might indicate a serious problem that our veterinarians would be able to diagnose and treat.

A thorough physical examination, along with a complete and detailed history, can provide essential information for our doctors – this is why the examination is the foundation for all other medical diagnostics or treatments. If, after the exam and discussion with your veterinarian, your pet's problem is not obvious, Care's doctors have the resources necessary to get a diagnosis.

X-rays and lab tests are frequently the next steps toward a diagnosis. Care's new direct digital radiography system gets an x-ray image to the veterinarian in just a few seconds, and Care's in-house lab allows us to immediately run tests that most other hospitals would have to send to an outside lab. Our advanced ultrasound system allows veterinarians to look inside your pet to see, for example, a heart beating irregularly or puppies during gestation. These tools and others, and the combined knowledge and experience of Care's veterinary team, helps get a diagnosis for your pet quickly so treatment can begin as soon as possible.

In addition to its diagnostic capabilities, Care has a wide range of advanced tools for use in the treatment of your pet. Your veterinarian will discuss your pet's problem with you and recommend the best course of treatment, including surgery, if appropriate. Having made the decision, you can rest knowing that Care's doctors and staff have dedicated themselves to providing the highest level of veterinary care for your pet.

We Want To Know Your Story

We want your feedback about the care and service we provide. We love to hear success stories about our patients, but learning where we could be doing better is just as important to us. Please tell us! We are available by phone or through the feedback form on this site, and we are always happy to meet with you in person.

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